Who We Are:

Vision Statement: Our vision and passion is a community where children develop to their highest potential in a healthy and stimulating environment.

Mission Statement: The ECCC is a united voice of community partners and leaders who advocate, collaborate and strategize to support healthy early childhood growth, development and school readiness.

Our work is a community-wide effort. Education The ECCC hosts community activities for families, parents, early childhood educators, business leaders and the public about quality care and education for young children. Additionally, we sponsor lectures, workshops and conferences for all public and private educators of young children.

Advocacy Through collaborations with other advocacy organizations the ECCC works to ensure that high quality, accessible and affordable early care services and educational opportunities are a top priority of policy-makers at all local, regional and statewide levels. Advocacy trainings, site visits and events with legislators and policy makers are held throughout the year.

Networking The ECCC facilitates community networking and engagement to benefit our youngest children and address gaps in services in our area. The ECCC provides educators with supports and links to resources and colleagues.

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